Artist Statement for "The Ties that Bind"

  a Gallery Exhibition curated from the Men in Ropes series

A man’s body. The  suppleness of skin over hard muscle. Strength sheathed in soft flesh. So very different than the yielding curves of a woman’s form. He is hardness and restraint.     


And then there is the  intoxicating play of light on skin. The nuance of highlight and shadow. Finally there is the rope. Binding. Wound tightly to immobilize.

To constrain his strength, to tie him down: to remind him of his true bondage: his “bondage of self.”

For, you see, it is not simply physical bondage. Not just ties that limit movement... but the metaphorical ties that constrain his existence. Bound by social convention.

Bound by expectations.

Bound by assumptions.

Bound by perceptions.

Bound by ideas of who and what he is; what is expected of a man in this society. This “bondage of self” -  Is it submission or safety?


 Valan – alt.pix